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A full range of highly efficient outdoor cleaning and maintenance machines can be matched to your capacity need within the 4 main operation segments of Green care, White snow removal, Black outdoor maintenance and Blue street washing. If your need calls for versatility in machine and attachments, our Rangers offers you a flexible 4 in 1 solution. They can be equipped with a full range of tailor made quality attachments - fully integrated and aligned to the machine - ensuring high performance in every multipurpose task. Read more about our offering within the 4 areas here to the left.

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News from Nilfisk Outdoor - Zoo Berlin - customer portrait

A Nilfisk Outdoor Ranger gently tiptoes around keeping the Zoo clean

The world famous Berlin Zoo has about 2.8 million visitors a year. On an area of 32 acres lives 17,134 animals, and 23 people are responsible for the maintenance of animal enclosures and park facilities. This includes the performance of a City Ranger 2200 utility machine (now City Ranger 2250). Zoo Berlin chose the City Ranger because it meets all the special requirements for machines used in public parks. Read the story here.


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