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A full range of highly efficient outdoor cleaning and maintenance machines can be matched to your capacity need within the 4 main operation segments of Green care, White snow removal, Black outdoor maintenance and Blue street washing. If your need calls for versatility in machine and attachments, our Rangers offers you a flexible 4 in 1 solution. They can be equipped with a full range of tailor made quality attachments - fully integrated and aligned to the machine - ensuring high performance in every multipurpose task. Read more about our offering within the 4 areas here to the left.

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News from Nilfisk Outdoor – Kaj Bech – customer portrait

Kaj Bech tests the new version of City Ranger 2250

it is extremely easy to use the wander hose and the high-pressure cleaner, and then the high-pressure cleaner sits on the back and doesn’t get dirty. We also really like the front brush kit; the brushes are so low that they easily go under benches and other street furniture,” say the two drivers. Kaj Bech A/S has not had any downtime relating to the machine since the testing started in April 2014.


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